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The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has focused worldwide attention on the global health care systems. The disruption created by the pandemic will impact economic and societal wellbeing in the immediate short term. It has exposed the frailties of existing systems but also highlighted examples of nimble innovation and success while at the same time, has emphasized the need to spend resources wisely and forced new ways of fostering collaboration between stakeholders in the healthcare industry – both public and private.

While advances in cancer treatment have come a long way, cancer still remains among the leading causes of death worldwide. There is no time for complacency. We are in a race against time and lung cancer must be at the top of Europe’s agenda.

The Economist Events and Hazlis & Rivas are organising a forthcoming virtual conference entitled:

GREECE’S AGENDA FOR LUNG CANCER IN A POST COVID-19 WORLD: In need of a breath of fresh air” on March 2nd 2021, to discuss crucial issues and to present the special report on Lung Cancer in Europe which has been prepared by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Prominent personalities from Europe, the Greek government, international institutions and the medical community will openly debate and put forward new proposals on combatting Lung Cancer in the years to come.


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